Pensford Gospel Hall

What is the Breaking of Bread?

On the night He was betrayed the Lord Jesus gave His disciples a simple command to take bread and wine in remembrance of Him. The early Christians did this regularly of the first day of every week, so similarly we take bread and wine each Sunday morning and remember and worship the Lord Jesus Christ and celebrate all that He did for us in dying at Calvary. This simple act not only looks back to His coming, life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension but also looks forward to His return.

This service gives us the opportunity to meet together in remembrance and to praise the almighty God who sent His Son to die for sinners. What helps to make this service uniquely special is its simplicity, without structure or arrangement, and of course the presence of the Lord Himself with us ‘in the midst’ as we fellowship together.

Visitors who are born again and baptized by immersion are welcome to join us in this service and those who are not are invited to observe. If you are coming from another assembly it would be appreciated if you could bring a letter of commendation.

What is a Gospel Service?

At this meeting on Sunday mornings we sing hymns and listen to an evangelistic message from a visiting speaker or maybe from one of our own number. The messages are usually based on a Bible verse, text or passage and seek to explain the need for repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation.

Everyone, including you, is welcome to join this service and we invite you to come along.

What is Bible Study?

Each Wednesday evening we met for Bible Study and the meeting usually takes one of two forms. Sometimes we have a visiting speaker who will teach the Bible on a subject of his own choice. On other occasions we have a ‘conversational Bible Reading’ in which the men discuss the meaning of selected passages, subjects or books of the Bible. The objective is that we might share our own understanding and appreciation of scripture and so be better equipped to live as Christians and to serve the Lord. You are welcome to come along and see how this works.

What happens at your Prayer Meeting?

This prayer meeting which follows on directly from the Bible Study meeting is an opportunity for us to join together to pray for the church, its members and their families as well as for the people of Pensford. We also pray as the Bible instructs us to do for the Queen, her Ministers and government (of whatever political hue). We know from our personal experience that God hears and answers prayer. Prayers are made for missionaries serving the Lord abroad and for persecuted and suffering Christians around the world.

If you have a personal matter you would like us to pray about we would be very pleased to pray for you or your family and friends. You can use the response form to tell us about this.

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